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Seeking Info.on Early Underwood Buttstock

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Topic: Seeking Info.on Early Underwood Buttstock
Posted By: dpast32
Subject: Seeking Info.on Early Underwood Buttstock
Date Posted: Jul 11 2018 at 9:55am
Good Morning Folks, I'm attempting to determine the correct Buttstock & Handguard for my Underwood mfg USGI M1 Carbine. I think that Stocks used with Underwood Carbines were produced by, & proofed by 3 different manufacturers ? I would love to located the correct Buttstock / Handguard set to return this early example back to 'as issued' configuration. OK, here's some data on it; It's an very early production example, Serial # 1,4010XX, with a Barrel Date of 04/43. Based upon the Serial # / Bbl Date, that places it as being one of the 1st Serial # Blocks used by Underwood. This Carbine still retains all of it's components as originally assembled during April of 1943. Based upon examination of it's components, it doesn't appear to ever have been Arsenal Refurbished, & or having any parts replacement. ( RE: Flip Rear Sight, Early Mag Release & Safety, Etc. As found, As for it included an Underwood inspected Magazine, but who knows if that's factory original to the weapon.)Buttstock, THAT part is definitely an Post-WW2 item. I can't truly call it an Arsenal replacement, even though the Stock does
exhibit certain Arsenal stamps, such as; AA, & P. However, according to the 'Story / Legend' I was told upon purchasing it, this 'Story' does sound quite plausible. ( At least to me, anyway. ) This Carbine was initially found by a plumber friend of mine who noticed it when doing a repair job in an old woman's basement. As found, it was inside an old US Army duffle-bag, covered in cob-webs. The plumber had to move it, & discovered the gun inside. The women said that it belonged to her late husband, & that he had brought it home from the war. She added that he was an Officer in the Engineer's. She was totally freaked out about it, & didn't even know how to see if it was loaded, or not ? Well, we all know what happened now, right ? He made her an offer, & walked off with a really nice USGI M1 Carbine !! And BTW, when initially taken out of the duffle-bag, it was NOT in the Buttstock, nor was the Front Bbl Band Screw present anywhere. That leads me to believe that it was indeed brought back from overseas or somewhere else. Being in 2 pieces is very typical for USGI 'Bring Backs'. Well, As they say, That's my story, & I'm sticking to it ! THANK YOU Guys

   Best regards,

Posted By: Why Carbines?
Date Posted: Jul 11 2018 at 12:20pm
I have a couple of early Underwood carbines in that serial range and both of them have type two stocks, more or less commonly known as an oval cut highwood stock. That particular stock will be a very tough find in today's collecting world. Have patience and don't jump on the first one that you see. Expect to pay 300 plus, unless you find a kind soul willing to help you out for less. BTW, there's a chance too that an I-Cut highwood stock would be correct too for you carbine. It will be harder to find an I-Cut than even an oval cut for an Underwood. Let me know if you need any help with Underwood. Both of mine have flips, type one barrel bands and dogleg hammers too and are two of my favorite carbines.

Posted By: painter777
Date Posted: Jul 11 2018 at 2:42pm
I wonder if he would need the UEF over GHD in the box with the CC outside the box.
I'm not sure when Underwood started using the later UEF over GHD and CC all in the box ??

Example of the Big Boxed UEF/GHD from 1,378,xxx
This one is I cut, with Circled P on grip bottom.
Sling well marked RMC, T and F.

Living Free because of those that serve.....

Posted By: m1a1fan
Date Posted: Jul 11 2018 at 7:31pm
UW Big box UEF/GHD on right side of stock
Same sling well marking as Charlie's

UW Big box UEF/GHD and CCC on the right side of stock
CCC is to the left of the UEF/GHD (I think the CCC has been observed on the right side as well)
Sling well marked with serif PU

Would be interesting to research when UW stock transitions occurred.

Posted By: dpast32
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 9:22am
Hi Guys, I THANK EVERYONE VERY MUCH for the replies received so far, I truly appreciate them ! Yes, I'm fully aware of what I'm going to have to pay for a period correct stock assembly for my little Underwood !! I've had the weapon since 2009, but have been hesitant to shell out the big bucks to restore it to original. My real issue is that I'm not a dedicated Carbine collector, & this example is currently the only one I own at the moment. If I do choose to restore it, I'll be into for approximately current market value, or perhaps a little below. Yes, I'd love to have a choice collector grade M1 Carbine in my stable, but is it, or will it be worth it ? We're all aware of the continuing upward trend of Carbine prices, so perhaps it may be the right move to re-stock it, if I can manage to find the right stock for a fair price ? I just happened to look over the Riverbank Armory's site, As they seem to usually have a few collector grade stocks for sale. Oh boy, talk about top dollar, they appear to define the term ! ( Although they usually do have some really nice stocks available.) Well, THANKS AGAIN for the replies so far, & please do keep them coming.

    Best regards,   dpast32

Posted By: W5USMC
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 9:52am
Originally posted by dpast32 dpast32 wrote:

   I just happened to look over the Riverbank Armory's site, As they seem to usually have a few collector grade stocks for sale. Oh boy, talk about top dollar, they appear to define the term !

I believe that is a company that should be avoided as they are notorious for selling repro and misrepresented parts.

USMC Retired
NRA Life Member

Posted By: dpast32
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 10:26am
THANKS for the 'heads up', I've never ordered anything from them, nor do plan to. Their prices are much too high for me. Also, I made a mistake on my Underwood's stock mkg's. It is stamped; 'AN' & 'P', NOT marked 'AA' as I initially stated. I would just love to known this particular Carbine's history, If it could only talk ! Researching & documenting a 'G.I. 'bring back' my real passion. I surmise that the guy who brought this Carbine home had removed the Stock so as to fit into his duffle-bag. Remember, at that time, obtaining a replacement stock assembly for a USGI Carbine would have been no problem at all, especially for an Officer. I've had numerous USG I 'bring backs' over the years, & many of them exhibit what's usually referred to as an 'duffle cut'. It tended to be somewhat common practice for our troops to cut a person's stock, under the middle barrel band so it could be stowed inside the duffle bag. Once reassembled, the 'duffle cut' tended not to show as it was covered up by replacing the barrel band. IMHO,this particular Carbine is almost definitely a form of a USGI bring back. THANKS

     Best,   dpast32

Posted By: painter777
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 2:00pm
Google search:
Riverbank Armory
Be sure to read 'Rip Off Report'
And read forum links.

Living Free because of those that serve.....

Posted By: m1a1fan
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 6:55pm
The AN could be Anniston arsenal. More information about carbines and the arsenal post war here:" rel="nofollow - Post World War II U.S. Army Ordnance Operations

Posted By: painter777
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 7:02pm
The AN and P...
Depending how it's oriented I wonder if it could be a remnant of a Stan Pro rebuild stamp
Like said depends on location and orientation.

Living Free because of those that serve.....

Posted By: m1a1fan
Date Posted: Jul 12 2018 at 8:13pm
Hard to know for sure without pictures but sounds like it visited an arsenal.

Nice UW stamping BTW.

Posted By: HARLEY08
Date Posted: Apr 14 2023 at 6:44pm
I would really to know more about my early Underwood M1 Carbine.
Please contact me at


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