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German Infrared ZG1229

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Topic: German Infrared ZG1229
Posted By: painter777
Subject: German Infrared ZG1229
Date Posted: Feb 21 2020 at 10:44pm
Something a little different.....
'12 Little Known WWII German Weapons'
Article Link:" rel="nofollow -


Living Free because of those that serve.....

Posted By: Jt22453
Date Posted: Feb 21 2020 at 10:51pm
That’s pic is interesting and seems a little familiar...

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Feb 22 2020 at 12:41am
At some point I am gonna have the docs pulled from the U.S. and U.K. National Archives regarding an assessment of the German IR equipment. I have a few intel docs on the German IR from the U.S. Army. I've needed to stay focused on the U.S. gear given the volume of work involved.

I've saved info and read a bit on the German IR equipment. Including a German forum of researchers who have located the documents showing deployments, dates, units, and locations.

As with many "secret weapons" the volume of info available is mostly fictional. Or claims without any research support. One source often quoted as fact was a fiction book detailing the surrender of a German IR training unit on the Western Front near the end of the war.

What I'm about to share should be taken with a large dose of doubt until proven otherwise.

The info from the German forum was the ZG1229 was never issued, only fielded for trials. They hadn't worked out the bugs by the time the war ended.

On the other hand, the larger German IR units(F.G. 1250) and lights found mounted to a limited number of Panther tanks and half tracks at the end of the war ....

Issued to to and used by units on the Eastern Front. On the panther they had one. Mounted for the tank commander to give the driver directions at night.

The half tracks had 2 or 3. One for the driver and one or two mounted on the MG's up top. Those on the mg's were not for aircraft. They were to counter the Russian mass human wave attack tactics at close quarters.

Those found on the Western Front were brought there by units transferred from the Eastern Front. Their units/troops were sent forward into combat but ordered not to take their armor with the IR gear to the front.

The Germans knew we and the Brits had IR viewers. The Brits had ordered all their IR viewers to be kept in the UK because they knew the Germans had IR viewers. Just as the U.S. Model T120/M1 Sniperscopes were shipped to the European Theater but used for training away from the front lines. Just finished a first draft detailing T120/M1 Sniperscope use during WWII. It's a long one being proof read. May be a few more weeks before it's available.

And yet on another third hand .... The German Navy had what they called the Seahund. Basically the same thing as on the armor but on their ships. The Brits had their own version. The U.S. Navy had several types for their ships but because the Germans had IR viewers most were restricted to use in the Pacific as the Japanese did not have IR gear. The U.S. Navy IR viewers played a significant role in the Pacific. Enough so that they held up the deployment of the Army T120/M1 Sniperscopes by various games involving the 1P25 image tubes. Mentioned briefly in the upcoming article and will be expanded on as I get the web pages going.

A lot of misinformation out on the internet about the German IR gear. Much of it conjecture, theories, or just flat incorrect.


F.G. 1250 on armor found in the rear areas on the Western Front.

Posted By: Jt22453
Date Posted: Feb 22 2020 at 1:01am
Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and pictures of the vehicle IR technology. That STG-44 IR looks like it would weigh much more than the T3. I know many of the weapons claimed to be used by Germans were never used, not practical , in infant stages , or even ineffective and abandoned. Interesting to look at and wonder, nonetheless. The US bat bomb is one that always comes to mind when I think of weird WW2 weapon concepts.

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Feb 22 2020 at 1:40am
For every idea that actually works out there is usually a couple dozen in the scrap pile. But without the experience of the scrap pile the one that worked out may not have been.


Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Feb 22 2020 at 1:44am


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