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Sale of CCNL Back Issues and Quick Index

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Topic: Sale of CCNL Back Issues and Quick Index
Posted By: New2brass
Subject: Sale of CCNL Back Issues and Quick Index
Date Posted: Oct 06 2021 at 7:51am


For over 39 years literally thousands of carbine owners, collectors, and researchers submitted articles, photographs, bits and pieces of history, carbine data sheets and more as a cooperative effort to assist with the reconstruction of the history of everything U.S. .30 cal. carbines. All of this information was compiled and presented in the form of newsletters to further the efforts.

Quantities and Quality
The earlier newsletters were done on a typewriter, with photos taped onto the master copy, and unfortunately the master copies were not retained until we switched to electronically-created newsletters in the latter years of the Carbine Club. Hence, many of the early photos did not photocopy or scan well, and are very dark. The overall quality of the scans also vary somewhat.

Many of the early newsletters were quite small, 4-6 pages. Later newsletters averaged 8 pages. Newsletters from the last few years of the Carbine Club average 20 pages, 17 of them contain color pages.

The Complete Set
The complete set comprises over 3300 pages of information weighing over 20 lbs. They are punched for 3 ring binders (not stapled). You will need 8-10 2” 3-ring binders to hold them all.

If you are a very serious collector/enthusiast or researcher of the .30 cal. carbines, you will want to purchase the complete back-issue set. The knowledge you will gain from a $300 investment could save you thousands of dollars in the purchase of a carbine that isn’t what it is claimed to be.

The Index
An electronic, searchable pdf index of articles/subjects is available on the website for free to assist with finding the topics that interest you. Be sure to read the “search rules” at the top of the index to expedite your search.

Individual Copies
If you are a casual collector/enthusiast, the enormity of the back issue set will probably be well beyond your interest level. Individual copies of the Carbine Club’s newsletters (paper only, no electronic) are also available. Use the free index to locate the issues with information you are interested in.

Cost & Purchasing
Complete back-issue sets of the newsletters (1-384) are available for $300 postpaid via Media Mail (USA and Canada - Other nations, inquire before ordering).

The cost is $5 each postpaid for issues 1-323 and $10 each for issues 324-384.

Prices cover the cost of paper, duplication, and postage. A small amount is left as a profit to pay our internet server fees and other administrative costs to keep the website and forum operating. (No one on the Carbine Club staff is compensated. All are volunteers.)

Paypal to -" rel="nofollow - - is the preferred method of payment. If purchasing an individual issue, please send a separate email to the above address, stating which issue you want.

Checks, made payable to Carbine Cal 30, may be mailed to:
Carbine Cal 30
458 Stimson Ave.
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Any questions or problems, contact Marty Black at" rel="nofollow -

Carbine of the Month and Data Sheet Example
Beginning in Newsletter 101, we featured a Carbine of the Month (COM), where the parts and markings of a known or suspected factory-original carbine were detailed. Later newsletters offered expanded multi-page COMs, some with color photos. A COM is reproduced below, with permission of the then-owner and writer Marty Black, to give readers an idea of what a COM looks like.

Index of Back Issues." rel="nofollow - Carbine of the Month Index" rel="nofollow - Searchable Index of Back Issues 1-384" rel="nofollow - Searchable Index by Subject Sort by J.R.2009

Editor's Note: The index of articles below is a reprint from CCNL 366 and 367. It has also been updated to include all of the CCNL's to 384. Thanks to fellow club member RedSpecial for the update.

This is the first in a two-part series of newsletter indexes, specific to carbine manufacturers. It includes references to articles that will help a collector know what parts are correct in a carbine, but does not include those articles that detail a manufacturer's historical information, documents, interviews, production milestones, inspection criteria, minor reports, prototypes, etc. Readers should refer to our master Newsletter Index for more information on a specific manufacturer, as well as a list of all Carbine of the Month (COM) features.

I am a relative novice to the Carbine Club, and purchased the back issues of the newsletters. They are a wealth of information and a tremendous resource, but I found myself "trying to drink from a fire hose." To organize the tremendous amount of data, I purchased a 3 ring binder, with a tab for each of the manufacturers. Then, each time I found an article or snippet of information about a particular manufacturer, I copied it and placed it behind the tab for that manufacturer.

One of my favorite parts of each newsletter is the COM (Carbine of the Month), and I have put a copy of each COM behind my tabs - also by manufacturer. That way, if you find a carbine that you want to restore or that you may want to purchase, you can check your reference binder and get a good idea of what a carbine close to it in serial number range looks like.

Ed Carson

Newsletter Date
4 Feb 77 Serial numbers vs. barrel dates and major features
49 Dec 80 X marked guns
72 Nov 82 Manufacturer’s update, part 1
73 Dec 82 Manufacturer’s update, part 2
187 May 92 M2 Update
206 Dec 93 Subcontractor parts markings
268 Feb 99 Serial number vs. barrel date – first block
288 Oct 00 X marked presentation guns
333 Jan 06 Stock markings
339 Jan 07 Brown-Lippe-Chapin barrels for Inland
346 Mar 08 Inland’s first serial number block update
350 Nov 08 Brown-Lippe-Chapin (marked B.L.C.) See also NL 352/Mar 09
353 May 09 Second serial number block update
357 Jan 10 Inland duplication of Winchester serial numbers
359 May 10 Type II barrel band markings and identification
360 Jul 10 I-BR on Inland barrels
361 Sep 10 Third serial number block update
371 Jul 12 Inland undated barrels
372 Oct 12 Inland serial number block 6,219,689-6,449,868 – production changes and markings
378 Apr 14 Very early Inland “cutaway” carbine

M1A1 Carbines
Newsletter Date Subject
47 Oct 80 Production vs. Dates
48 Nov 80 Stocks
115 Jun 86 M1A1 review
148 Mar 89 M1A1 part numbers
158 Jan 90 Leather cheek piece replacement
161 Apr 90 Folding stock construction and markings
348 Jul 08 M1A1s with bayonet lugs
351 Jan 09 M1A1 butt plate markings on CMP M1A1s
354 Jul 09 Stocks in wrap
358 Mar 10 Late war pistol grip stocks

Newsletter Date Subject
1 Nov 76 Winchester carbines
34 Aug 79 Metal finishing operations
37 Dec 79 Subcontractors
58 Sep 81 Manufacturer’s update
60 Nov 81 Bayonet lugs; serial numbers vs. major features
188 Jun 92 First serial number block update
230 Dec 95 Use of transferred receivers, front sight shape
237 Jul 96 5 million serial number block update
299 Sep 01 W marked hammers. See NL 359/May 10 for additional information
326 Nov 04 Approximate monthly production
336 Jul 06 First Serial Number Block Update
337 Sep 06 Serial number application dates. Two corrections in NL 351/Jan 09
345 Jan 08 Rare barrels seen at CMP
355 Sep 09 6 and 7 million serial number block update
357 Nov 09 Left over receivers used by Winchester; 4,726 deliveries in 1946
371 Jul 12 What about the box-of-ten Winchester carbines?
373 Jan 13 Examples of Underwood Receivers to Winchester, AW and WA code
375 Jul 13 More on Underwood Receivers to Winchester, AW and WA code

National Postal Meter
One of only two manufacturers that stamped numbers on the receivers, trigger housings, bolts and slides
Newsletter Date Subject
9 Jul 77 NPM carbines
30 Apr 79 NPM carbines continued
125 Apr 87 Manufacturer’s update
126 May 87 Update continued, list of subcontractors
128 Jul 87 Subcontractor clarification and oiler discussion
373 Jan 13 NPM production sequence
373 Jan 13 Did NPM reuse serial numbers from scrapped receivers?

Newsletter Date Subject
10 Aug 77 UEF carbines
40 Mar 80 Manufacturer’s update
45 Aug 80 Parts types and months used
127 Jun 87 Manufacturer’s update
128 Jul 87 Manufacturer’s update continued
182 Dec 91 Underwood receiver codes
259 May 98 First 200 UEF receivers by Inland
321 Jan 04 10-49 barrels
325 Sep 04 Stock cartouche
337 Sep 06 Marlin and P-U stocks
352 Mar 09 Late barrels and type II bands
357 Jan 10 Underwood receiver codes
369 Jan 12 Inland receivers to Rock-Ola and Underwood
371 Jul 12 Update on Underwood barrels dated 10-49
373 Jan 13 Examples of Underwood Receivers to Winchester, AW and WA code
374 Apr 13 Example of Underwood “line-out” receivers
375 Jul 13 Underwood ‘E’ series carbines
375 Jul 13 More on Underwood Receivers to Winchester, AW and WA code

Newsletter Date Subject
7 May 77 IBM Carbines (First up[date) and subcontractor list
36 May 79 Serial Number confusion
54 May 81 Facts about IBM
55 Jun 81 IBM Notes
110 Jan 86 Early IBM markings
162 May 90 Manufacturer’s Update
163 Jun 90 Firing Pin markings
329 May 05 Manufacturer’s update
345 Jan 08 IBM Update Addendum
353 May 09 IBM barrel marking lettering

Quality Hardware
Newsletter Date Subject
8 Jun 77 QHMC Carbines (first update)
68 Jul 82 Manufacturer’s update
101 Apr 85 QHMC – the wartime years
102 May 85 QHMC – the wartime years – continued
110 Jan 86 Q-EX 10 carbine
121 Dec 86 Type II band
122 Jan 87 Another Q-EX carbine, another Type II band
124 Mar 87 Still more on Type II bands
172 Feb 91 UN-Quality Manufacturer’s update
334 Mar 06 QHMC Manufacturer’s update
338 Nov 06 QHMC UN-Quality Manufacturer’s update
357 Jan 10 QHMC numbering problem, gap in numbers, analysis of UN-Q quantities
373 Jan 13 Did QHMC reuse serial numbers from scrapped receivers?

Newsletter Date Subject
5 Mar 77 Rock-Ola Carbines (first update)
53 Apr 81 EX 6095---
65 Apr 82 Manufacturer’s update part 1
66 May 82 Manufacturer’s update part 2
72 Nov 82 Rock-Ola’s cartouche markings
105 Aug 85 EX and presentation carbines
117 Aug 86 Manufacturer’s update
118 Sep 86 Manufacturer’s update
119 Oct 86 Manufacturer’s update
174 Apr 91 Inland to Rock-Ola receiver shuffle
238 Aug 96 EX 60955414
318 Jul 03 Presentation carbines
323 May 04 Carbine Test #9
328 Mar 05 RMC “Spring tube” receivers
330 Jul 05 Correction on page 10 to butt plate report in NL 328
348 Jul 08 New late barrels discovered in Norway
358 Mar 10 Carbine Test #8
369 Jan 12 Inland receivers to Rock-Ola and Underwood
372 Oct 12 Rock-Ola R-marked front sights and staking patterns
384 Oct 15 Rock-Ola’s usage of Inland and Winchester barrels

Standard Products
The 2nd of two manufacturers that stamped numbers on the receivers, trigger housings, bolts and slides
Newsletter Date Subject
3 Jan 77 Standard Products Carbines (first update)
35 Oct 79 Manufacturer’s update and chart of code numbers
62 Jan 82 Subcontractors
73 Dec 82 Slides
90 May 84 Bolt numbering
92 Jul 84 Additional bolt numbering info
105 Aug 85 Un-numbered carbines (2)
199 May 93 More on un-numbered carbines (3)
203 Sep 93 Col. H.M. Reedall (HMR stamp) discussion
223 May 95 Slide numbering
330 Jul 05 Presentation carbines
333 Jan 06 Standard Products carbine with Winchester barrel
342 Jul 07 Another carbine with a Winchester barrel
350 Nov 08 Another un-numbered carbine
366 Jul 11 Manufacturer’s update
367 Sep 11 More on presentation carbine 2053742, reuse of scrapped numbers, receiver code numbers
384 Oct 15 Follow up on Standard Products update (366) & HMR stocks

Saginaw Steering Gear
Newsletter Date Subject
78 May 83 Two unissued stocks with S-S3 butt plates
98 Jan 85 Manufacturer’s update, part 1
99 Feb 85 Manufacturer’s update, part 2
120 Nov 86 Study of 5.8 million SG carbines
132 Nov 87 Presentation carbines (2)
197 Mar 93 Magazine marking
206 Dec 93 Presentation carbine
207 Jan 94 Data sheet for presentation carbine in NL 206
235 May 96 Front band assembly dimensions
253 Nov 97 Another presentation carbine
255 Jan 98 Manufacturer’s update
269 Mar 99 Strange serial number
348 Jul 08 Inland to Saginaw restamped receiver
357 Jan 10 Saginaw and S’G’ mixture
358 Mar10 Unusual barrel marking

Irwin-Pedersen and Saginaw Grand Rapids (S’G’)
It is very difficult to separate the IP carbines from the follow-on Saginaw S’G’ carbines, so both are listed together here
Newsletter Date Subject
2 Dec 76 First study of SG, IP and S’G’ production
21 Jul 78 IP/ S’G’ trigger shapes
27 Jan 79 Update from the study in NL 2
31 May 79 Style of the serial numbers on IP/ S’G’ receivers
70 Sep 82 “Batching” of Irwin-Pedersen and early S’G’ carbine production
103 Jun 85 S’G’ Presentation carbine
121 Dec 86 IP/ S’G’ and SG stock manufacturer
142 Sep 88 IP/ S’G’ front sight numbers identified
168 Nov 90 Side-tracked IP receivers
188 Jun 92 IP magazine markings
245 Mar 97 Unmarked parts seen on 15 IP/ S’G’ carbines
283 May 00 Another look at IP/ S’G’ front sight numbers
347 May 08 ISP oilers
351 Jan 09 Fake IP presentation carbine tel:1766641" rel="nofollow - 1766641
354 Jul 09 Double-marked IP stock
357 Jan 10 Analysis of possibly how many IPs produced, the SG and S’G’ mixture
374 Apr 13 Irwin-Pedersen marked carbines (manufacturer’s update)

Newsletter Date Subject
382 Apr 15 Update on field installation of adjustable rear sights in WWII
383 Jul 15 Transition from the push safety to the rotary safety
384 Oct 15 Hardness test marks, proof-firing marks and acceptance stamps
384Oct 15Proof firing marks on M1 carbine barrels

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Posted By: Dutchy
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 6:42pm
Greetings I'm new collecting and very much a new-guy around carbines.  Love the forum and all the posts.  I'm a member of GCC and bought the bound back issues.  I'm a little intimidated by the stack of paper and the total weight.  Is a CD or downloadable format available?

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 7:00pm
Originally posted by Dutchy Dutchy wrote:

Greetings I'm new collecting and very much a new-guy around carbines.  Love the forum and all the posts.  I'm a member of GCC and bought the bound back issues.  I'm a little intimidated by the stack of paper and the total weight.  Is a CD or downloadable format available?

Why did you buy the GCA back issues? Do they offer a CD? I know our friends over there, that are here as well would not offer CDs.
We do not offer in any electronic form and never will due to the easy of copying.

 I think you will do well with the CCNL back issues.
By having paper you can add notes in the margin as needed.

The sale of back issues helps fund this sight so we do not have to collect dues.
We make little to no profit on full sets. The plus of this is nobody would bother trying to copy and sell our copyrighted information.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Club Survey Saginaw Receivers

Posted By: Dutchy
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 8:42pm
Thank you- all good points.  It wasn't about being cheap or not wanting to pay the money, I think that newsletters like this and the GCC are well worth the money.  I work in industries that pass around large data files electronically so my head is turned in that direction. And the stack of paper has to be organized and preserved

Does CC have a dues structure like GCC? Or is all donations? How does one get on the list to receive current and future issues of the CCNL? If these are questions that are answered in the forums let me know.

Posted By: W5USMC
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 9:34pm
There is no dues structure. As New2brass mentioned above, the money made from the sale of the hardcopy CCNL back issues help keep this sight up and running. There are no longer hardcopy CCNL's at all, therefore there is no list to receive them. The closest thing to actual current newsletters can be found within this forum in the Newsworthy section, with that said there is a wealth of valuable information throughout all of the sections of the forum." rel="nofollow - Newsworthy Items - The Carbine Collector's Club - Page 1 (

USMC Retired
NRA Life Member

Posted By: Dutchy
Date Posted: Mar 13 2022 at 10:46am
Thank you for the reply.  I am enjoying noodling through the forums and learning about carbines and all the related history.  My thanks to you and New2brass and all the other contributors for all the time and efforts.

Posted By: Rebel92
Date Posted: Jul 15 2022 at 11:27am
Sent an email to" rel="nofollow -  with a question about acquiring the CCNL. Wanted to make sure it was received (just sent it this AM)

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jul 15 2022 at 11:30am
Marty handles the back issues. It may take a few days to get an answer.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Club Survey Saginaw Receivers

Posted By: Niterace
Date Posted: Jul 15 2022 at 5:08pm
I have the complete set.  It is well worth the money, and is fascinating reading as well as a very valuable research tool.  

Posted By: Dutchy
Date Posted: Jul 15 2022 at 7:52pm
I had a nice conversation with Marty in March and bought all 20 pounds! The box is sitting on a table in my office waiting for the right time and when I've got enough binders to keep it all safe and in order. I'm looking forward to reading it all

Posted By: Rebel92
Date Posted: Jul 22 2022 at 10:23am
Worth Every penny. Thanks Marty! 

Posted By: Rebel92
Date Posted: Jul 22 2022 at 10:24am
Dutchy, I was able to fit mine into three 4 inch Binders. 

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jul 22 2022 at 11:02am
what you are going to find in overfilling a binder is that the front and rear pages are going to curve and tear at the holes.
Better to use more binders.

As you are reading and come across correction could you post the issue number and page." rel="nofollow -

This way we can add a correction sheet.
Sometime you may commit the first thing you read toemmory and an issue or two later see setting was corrected.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Club Survey Saginaw Receivers

Posted By: Dutchy
Date Posted: Jul 22 2022 at 11:22am
Thanks Rebel92 and Dan
We have some manuals and info here in the office that are 4 inchers and they are painful- I was going to use some 2 inchers.

Thanks for the update on the newsletters. 

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend

Posted By: Rebel92
Date Posted: Jul 23 2022 at 11:46am
I will get another Binder, Dan. I see how the pages could rip

And I will keep an eye out for corrections. I am starting at the beginning, am already at around 40. I have already seen a few corrections. Some have been crossed out and corrected however 

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